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Vampire's Touch - Ebook

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Main Tropes

  • Protective Hero
  • Vampire Guardian
  • Steamy Paranormal Romance
  • Vampire Billionaire
  • Psychic Abilities


Stand-alone Book of the Immortal Keeper Vampire Paranormal Romance Multi-author World

Most people would call the ability to read minds a gift. Not Iris. She hates knowing what people are thinking all the time.

As if that weren’t bad enough, that so-called gift has led to being a guinea pig for a

prominent doctor's wild, psychological experiments. When she finally escapes his clutches, she lands in the office of one Langdon Fox, a wealthy, influential, and downright handsome vampire who offers to keep her safe.

Except Iris can’t tell if he’s sincere because she can’t read his mind. Which should make her elated, if she weren’t so worried that he has plans of his own. Plans that might not be in her best interest. But one thing she knows for certain is how his “indecipherable” touch ignites a passion in her that she’s never experienced before.

Langdon wants nothing more than to help and protect Iris but his dead heart begins to skip beats whenever he’s near her, creating too many distractions. And now he worries that his uncontrollable desire for her will sabotage his efforts to keep her alive.

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