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Bewitched by a Vampire - AudioBook

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Main Tropes

  • Witches/Vampire Love Story
  • Rock Star Romance
  • Steamy Paranormal Romance
  • Unexpected Pregnancy
  • Psychic Abilities

Narrated by Gracia Gillund & John York

Digital Audiobook

Run Time: 5h 54min


Five years ago, Maggie and Vanessa received a psychic reading from the mysterious Madame Fontaine.

And now the reckoning has come!

Vanessa is happy with her life just the way it is. Loving and living with Lane as a vampire is the best thing that has ever happened to her, and she would never want to do anything to change it. But when her best friend asks her to perform a spell that backfires, she needs to decide whether or not she wants to accept the consequences, which could change everything.

Lane is equally enamored with sharing his life with Vanessa. Still, when a conversation with his brother has him second-guessing the devotion of the love of his life, he begins to withdraw into himself along with the demons of his past.

Be prepared to have your heart stolen once again by Bewitched by a Vampire, Book 6 in the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series, and discover which of those predictions transpire into reality.

Will all the prophecies foretold by the mysterious medium from Tempted by a Vampire finally come true?

Will they be able to manage what the future has in store for them, or will it end up tearing them apart?

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