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Tame the Flame - Audiobook

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Narrated by John York

Digital Audiobook

Run Time

9h 17min

Digital Audiobook

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Main Tropes

  • Protective Hero
  • Supernatural Abilities
  • Urban Fantasy Love Story
  • Steamy Romantasy
  • Memory Loss

“He lost his memory. She lost him.”

In a town full of magic, mayhem, and murder, magical side effects aren’t unheard of. Unfortunately, Addison’s lover, Cael, is affected, and the fallout is significant. As a result of some mind-altering misfire, Cael no longer remembers Addison or the love they shared; he’s only aware of his duty to his mentor and the Sectorium.

Addie’s family and friends think she should keep the past a secret so Cael won’t feel pressured into having feelings he can’t remember, but Addie is crushed. She’s not only lost her lover—the man with whom she shared a passion so intense it was one for the ages—but someone has stolen a powerful magical artifact that she was tasked with protecting. Her world has literally been turned upside down, and her friend Aiden's showing an inordinate amount of interest in her isn’t helping.

Can Addie and Cael work together to uncover the secret of the missing crystal and stop it from falling into the wrong hands while rekindling their passion, or does fate have other things in store for them?

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