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Captivated by a Vampire - Audiobook

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Narrated by

Gracia Gillund & John York

Run Time

6 h 22 min

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Main Tropes

  • Human/Vampire Love Story
  • Rock Star Romance
  • Steamy Paranormal Romance
  • Witches and Wizards


She was everything he’d learned to hate, but she was also everything his soul desired.

Chelle Masterson:

I'm done with vampires.

Especially rock and roll playing vampires.

I may be a new vampire, but that doesn't mean I'm naïve. And I don't like being treated that way. I only want to find my place in this new and scary life I've been cursed with. Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow me wherever I go, starting with my very first attempt to feed on my own ...But then I come face to face with a very charming stranger who seems to want to help, but can I trust him?

Josh Barrett:

He knows his priorities--reporting the news by day, drinking himself into a self-loathing stupor by night. His workaholic tendencies can't completely mask the horrific night that changed his life forever ... until a beautiful, sexy, and utterly mysterious woman enters his life and changes everything.

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